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About Paym

Paym is a mobile payment system used by small businesses and the public to send or receive money securely, via a mobile phone. The service is run by the Mobile Payments Service Company and participating banks and building societies.



Having conducted research into micro-businesses and mobile payment solutions, Paym made some enlightening discoveries. They found low awareness levels and use, so they understood that promoting the benefits and options was essential to generating enquiries and improving uptake.


Using highlights from the research, we designed four infographics. Each focused on a different related area of mobile payments including: sole trader woes, security fears, market trends and managing cashflow. The other key content came from the experiences and insights of small business owners who have

made the journey into mobile payments. Adding a mobile payments section on our Business Advice website allowed us to give Paym’s content maximum visibility.

We also created co-branded ads to drive traffic to the hub and through to