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World First

About World First

Headquartered in the UK, World First is a leading international payments company to private and corporate customers. Since it was set up in 2004, the company has grown rapidly. It now has offices across four continents and employs about 600 people.



World First’s priority was to increase brand awareness and to attract new commercial customers. Its focus was on established small and growing businesses exporting (or interested in exporting) and using foreign exchange to do business abroad.


Since international payments and exporting are so linked, World First became sponsor of our Real Business ‘exports’ section. This makes the company the first point of contact for SMEs engaged in overseas transactions or wanting to find out more about what exporting involves.

We write monthly articles on behalf of our client covering a range of related topics from the role of politics in exports through to currency volatility. World First display ads and our direct emails to segmented audiences help to reinforce key messages and generate enquiries.