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The Real Deals Mid-market Conference

The Real Deals Mid-Market Conference

Caspian’s esteemed private equity event, the Mid-market Conference, comes with three guarantees:

  • Investors will always outnumber advisers, so you’ll meet the people you want to meet
  • The more you participate, the more you’ll take away
  • If you stick around for our Vulture Awards (our take on the Oscar-mocking Razzies), you’re sure to have fun.

Content is at the heart of our conference’s programme. It is carefully thought out by our Real Deals editorial team so it delivers on relevance, is edgy not dry, and fully engages delegates. This year’s topics explored the effects of extreme politics, dived into the unchartered terrain of deal failure and rescue remedies, and touched down after an interactive voting session on the state of the market.

In our 2016 survey of Mid-market Conference attendees, 90% rated the event ‘excellent’ in meeting their networking requirements and 95% would recommend our Mid-market Conference to a colleague.

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