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Top 5 pitching tips from business leaders

As part of the Amazon Growing Business Awards, which celebrate successful SMEs and entrepreneurs, we run a pitching day. The aim is for the business leaders of more than 100 shortlisted companies to pitch to a formidable judging panel. It’s simple really, all they have to do is convince the panel that they should win an award. This year, the Caspian Media team asked each of the 118 finalists to share their pitching secrets with us. We then compiled the top 5 pitching tips from their answers.

Why do our shortlisted companies need to pitch? Because it’s pretty hard to succeed as a business leader if you can’t communicate your offer succinctly and imaginatively. And as seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders themselves, our judges know about backing the right horse.

Here are the top 5 pitching tips from business leaders:

1. Be quick and clear
A lot of people think the more detail you put into an answer the better. However, every SME advised on communicating your company offering quickly and clearly. One shortlisted entrepreneur even recommended sticking to just two or three key points

2. Push your USP
Promoting your unique selling point is important to make your business stand out. You don’t just have to consider what has come before, but also your closest competition

3. Personality pays
The personality of your brand and your management team has to come across. Turnover and profit are only a small consideration for our Growing Business Awards judges

4. Focus on the customer
Consider the emotions a consumer has. Address their frustrations and explain how your product or service could solve them. Providing value is key. It’s not just about the technical aspects of the service you offer

5. Know your product, be confident and convey passion
OK that’s actually three tips. But those are the skills that earned our Growing Business Awards nominees their position on the shortlist. It may win them a coveted prize too

You might want to capture the interest of perspective clients, potential investors or new hires. Whatever your aim, there will come a time when you need to succinctly pitch your company’s offering. Doing this in the right way when both time and attention are short is crucial.

The Amazon Growing Business Awards 2017 take place on 29 November at The Brewery in central London. Hosted by Caspian Media’s market-leading SME brand, they showcase the best of British business talent.

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By Hunter Ruthven, Editor of Real Business and Business Advice