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How the world’s most viewed Facebook page engages customers

Jungle Creations has adopted a fresh take on using social media and has been hugely successful at it. In May 2017, the company’s Facebook page seized that coveted number one spot – the world’s most viewed Facebook page.

Social platforms champion frank opinion, instant responses and the ability to spread a post, tweet, snap – whatever you like, in a matter of seconds – to numerous people worldwide. It’s a double-edged sword, though. But, if you do it right, you’ll find a loyal following.

Facebook has gained new-found popularity after founder Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions for video sharing became clear. It’s now a brilliant starting point for businesses to build their reputation on the platform before diversifying channels and expanding operations.

What helped Jungle Creations achieve the most views on Facebook ?

Jungle Creations founder Jamie Bolding tells us that his Facebook page (which was originally called Viral Thread) was initially aimed at students. The idea was to collate internet videos and stories that they could easily access.

The strategy, which included finding quirky and humorous content, was a big hit. In fact, a lot of revenue and traffic on the website was being driven by Facebook, so this convinced Bolding to invest more in his initiative. He rebranded the company to Jungle Creations. Today, it runs numerous channels and rakes in nearly 4bn views a month.

Some of the company’s  popular videos are on the Twisted Food channel, where people, including those on the Twisted team, can share recipes that are slightly unusual – like a sushi burger – and easy to make.

What’s the secret formula for mastering social media?

Despite what you might think, there isn’t one. Jamie Bolding states that “anyone who tells you otherwise is lying”.

You need to use a combination of strategies depending on:

  • Your business
  • How you want people to view you
  • Your target audience

There are, however, a few things that can increase your customer base, not to mention the chances of creating a viral hit.

(1) Responding to tastes

Bolding tells us that: “In a way, our target audience came to us with the initial Viral Threads creation, and we applied what they liked to the new channels”

(2) Listening and learning

“The best advice, we learned, was to listen to your audience and go with what works. Sure, there are a few failures along the way, but that’s part of understanding who your followers are. And the more you’re willing to listen, the more open you are to trying new things for their sake, and the more likely it is that your customers will engage.”

(3) Adapting to each social channel

Tweak your content for your audience’s viewing pleasure is a must. On Facebook, for example, you need to put the best content upfront because you only have a few seconds to attract people’s attention.

YouTube is the opposite, as there is more commitment from the viewer to seeing stories develop and end on an emotional high. Appealing to emotions is important, whether positive or negative, to get people to engage and share.


What can companies learn about attracting social audiences?

Jamie sums this up nicely: “Now more than ever, bosses have started to realise the content they push out reflects on their company and speaks volume about whether they care. We’ve entered an age where people don’t want that extra marketing push.

If they think you’re cool, if they like what you do and say, even what you stand for, they’ll find your product themselves. Talk to them and gain their respect first.”

By Shané Schutte, Senior reporter at Real Business